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what an interesting week.

been reading lots of david foster wallace. i envy his fluency & general ability to oscillate wildly between theoretical pseudo-speak & vernacular...it's the hardest part about writing informed, somewhat intelligent-sounding pieces on media & culture: the balance between (1)the vocabulary you've been given by years of esoteric study, which suits this sort of specific & slightly ridiculous analysis perfectly and (2) the vocabulary you know other people outside a very small circle of academia use & understand. this is not intended as any sort of elitist or condescending comment - it's simply reality - like writing articles about astrophysics for the new york times...an author has an expertise, otherwise they [hopefully] wouldn't be writing that kind of article - & with expertise comes a somewhat exclusive vocabulary with which you become familiar through study & basic repetition [banging the books against your head can sometimes help too].

anyway. he has this totally great way of oscillating back & forth between these two planes in an entirely effortless sentence structure that i, well, envy.

have otherwise been riding the subways a lot,, trying to think & breathe before i speak [that's totally hard] & focus on the good with the bad, so i'm not entirely miserable [which is surprisingly easy].

learning more every day about myself, about other people, about this bizarre city...

had a job interview today. it went well. isn't that nice for me?! heh.


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