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well, being that the GOP now has control of the house, senate, & presidency, the stock market keeps heading towards some hypothetical bottom which we just haven't reached yet, americans are being lambasted for their poor international policy, the environment is pretty well fucked, & the world in general is a bit bizarro, why should it come as any sort of shock that there are two documented cases of bubonic plague in new mexico?

i remember growing up in colorado the risk of the hanta virus - a similar disease carried by rodents - was cause to wear dust masks & use bleach when cleaning up mouse poop...but the bubonic plague? according to the above article, there are roughly 10 cases diagnosed each year, most in new mexico & the four-corners area [new mexico, colorado, arizona, utah]. would make sense then that it is often mistaken for the more common "four-corners disease" or hanta.

anyway. good thing we've got plenty of celebrities getting offed or caught shoplifting, so we can focus on the more important things in life - if we as american citizens stopped & thought about what else was going on, we might actually find cause for disturbance, depression, or even action.

speaking of action...i do find the present lack of vibrant &/or effective political protest to be slightly unnerving. i wonder if people are in fact concerned about being arrested or otherwise singled-out in this slightly hysterical moment in history? or if we're just lazy...


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