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sorry to keep you, my hypothetical readers, waiting for new & exciting updates from the wonderful world inside my head. been thinking a lot recently, which sometimes paralyses me and keeps me from producing anything. i used to call this "post-structural paralysis" when i diagnosed it in my friends at college - now i think it's just a sort of unhappy blend of indecisiveness, confusion, & lack of direction based on an astounding lack of self-knowledge & self-confidence... i think the definition still fits - i'm just less prone these days to using big words to describe simple experiences.

halloween was actually quite fun. i think it boils down to the idea that no matter what you're dressed as, you get the opportunity to go out on the streets & act like a fool - &/or watch everyone else go out on the streets & act like a fool - which is awfully fun, and only happens twice a year - halloween & new years' eve.

otherwise i've just been thinking. dangerous. trouble. i think i need to spend less time doing that, & more time seeing movies, reading books, & otherwise engaging in some effective thought-avoidance.


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