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have been very busy at work recently & suddenly things are sorta calm... we're releasing a movie this week, Interview with the Assassin. It's a good weird documentary-style feature about a possible second gunman. There have been lots of good reviews in the New York Press, as well as The Onion & some other "alternative" press sources.

It's weird when you start to see a new side to an industry that is not only itself media, but constantly portrayed on & through other forms of media. working for a film distributor [perhaps the least glamourous / most un-glamorous section of the film industry], i have learned a lot about the cogs / wheels that keep movies moving onwards & outwards into theaters across the country, the world - & i like these background people, the ones who rarely get the kudos or the respect for the work they do, the world they create... without them, there would be no movies to see. goodness. what an interesting concept.

we had a premiere on tuesday for the film - it was the most un-glamorous premiere _ever_, no big celebs or stars, just a screening & a wicked good party. but we all had fun. & now with the film coming out on friday, everyone has sorta done what they can to see it do as well as possible at the box office, at least for now. so all we can really do is wait & see what happens on monday when i call & get box office grosses.

there are so many little parts to this monster called the film business. so many little [& not so little] people keeping the whole thing afloat - as i suppose there are in _every_ industry. but for film, which has become the focus of not only films themselves but of television shows like Entertainment Tonight, sitcoms, or whatever, the "little people" don't get talked about very much... yet there really are some big little figures. & it's not just bloody harvey weinstein & the miramax posse... there are whole slews of "independent" distributors who are doing their damnest to keep a sort of anti-hollywood establishment, well, established. recently people have been writing lots of articles about how independent film is dead...

i disagree. wholeheartedly. it's different. things go through cycles of development, growth, & change. especially when they're "independent" - to maintain that fierce spirit, something has to break every once in a while...

anyway. not thinking all that clearly because there are so many other things on my mind, like being broke, tired, sick, & having to all of a sudden remember that the holidays are coming up & i better get my plane tickets if i plan on getting home.


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