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Almost 60% of women would prefer to own a HDTV set than a 1-karat diamond ring, says a survey by the Consumer Electronics Association.

why? to watch football? which women? the ones who watch soaps & other daytime television? because as much as the additional texture / detail does wonderful things for certain shows or broadcasts, it has a dreadful side-effect which it makes makeup artists seem like heavy-handed house painters - the pancake _shows_ in the most unpleasant way...i can't imagine that the bold & the beautiful would actually look all that good in HD..........

then again - perhaps the added [un]reality of the makeup & other details which look even _more_ false in HD is some sort of effective reality filter for people - the obviousness of its "televisuality" emphasizes the fact that televisual reality is nothing even close to the "real" thing. i would think that would piss people off, making tv obviously non-real. then again...who knows? maybe in a post-post modern world where viewers always already know that [a large quantity of] television is "fake," the crispness & emphasis on the false presented by the possibility of HDTV is reassuring in its assertion of the assumed.


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