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was reading this & it made me want to comment, & then the comment got too long & i figured hey i've got a blog too, so i'm gonna go ahead & post on it! hah!

the films of 1999 - millennial cinema. there was a visceral quality to those films that reminded us why we liked going to movies, the collective angst of a world poised for a new beginning. for me it always always goes back to that moment when we were driving in a volvo on the freeway after seeing "fight club:" listening to radiohead & smoking cigarettes very conscious of our positioning in the world & in the car & in the music video...there was a rightness in this self-other distinction made manifest, how it was taken out of my brain & vomited onto the screen. then the awe of the matrix...i wrote papers about both of these films & their arch use of theory & film & post-post modernism....i only got B's.

i think you've managed to capture this moment for me, a little, extra-long blog posting title from therumpus.net.so thanks for that. & thanks for making me want to write about it, just a little.


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