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A list of the 528 cities worldwide involved in this weekend's The World Says No to War! demonstrations. If you live in any of these places and AREN'T making your voice heard, you're a dipshit. even though it won't make a lick of difference to the douche-nozzle in the oval office... because sometimes you have to make the effort, even when you know it's futile, for the principle of the thing.

i've never been to a political demonstration before. i've never felt like it mattered. but i KNOW it does, now, to me, even if it doesn't accomplish anything but letting me vocalise, amongst a community of like-minded individuals ranging from anarchists to mothers against bombs, that this war is insane, stupid, & generally isn't going to accomplish anything but pissing off a lot of people who, in the name of my own safety from future terrorist & other attacks, i'd rather leave alone.


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