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turns out invisible radio s'not completely dead after all....some of them are joining a new venture.

they also are giving some nice linkies in the meantime, including my favorite california radio station, kcrw, and specifically their programs morning becomes ecclectic & brave new world.

radio is the thing that keeps southern california alive during the intermniable time you spend in your vehicle. being that everything is 20 minutes from everything else [by car], you need to either have a killer sound system & a shitload of cds _or_ some good radio, or both.

KCRW is the kind of public, listener supported radio station that makes being in california not necessarily worthwhile, as you can listen to it online, but tolerable. to the invisible radio selections of morning becomes ecclectic & brave new world, i would add weekend becomes ecclectic as well - the host of that show _used_ to host morning becomes ecclectic, until he left to work for dreamworks...one would hope that the reason he's back is that he's left his dreamworks job, but somehow i doubt it - i think he just missed the idea of giving great music to the masses via a public, listener supported radio station in the largest radio market in the nation.

in addition to KCRW, there's KXLU - loyola marymount college radio. there's something about good college radio - it's just, well, risky & interesting in a way that the bullshit mainstream radio. listen to itlive monday-friday.

anyway. i like that there's good radio out there. it reminds me of how, last summer during the fires in colorado, the radio became the most important method of local communication for evacuations, progress of the fires, &c &c &c - while the tv news based in Denver was no help at all [despite the fact that i was interviewed as a "local" for one channel, they didn't use me. i don't think i was very photogenic].

radio as a medium...helpful for a reminder of the importance of minimal-stimulation media for conveying information. also good for listening to baseball games. who wants to watch baseball on tv? it's boring. radio baseball...wow. nothing better on a summer night than sitting outside on your roof in as little clothing as possible, drinking beer & listening to a baseball game.


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