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i love gossip.

BRITNEY Spears , movie critic? The belly-baring pop tart caused a stir during a Sundance Festival screening of Robert Downey Jr..?s "The Singing Detective" when she and her large entourage walked out 45 minutes into the flick. Spears later told a PAGE SIX spy, "The official line is we had our schedules mixed up, so we had to leave, but I didn?t like the movie . . . Sundance is weird. The movies are weird - you actually have to think about them when you watch them."

for other beautiful bits courtesy of the new york post...because there's something to be said for meaningless information about "stupid" famous people...

read today a co-workers' top-ten list. it's so good it makes me want to vomit. not because the list is anything spectacular, but because it makes sense. he makes intelligent choices based on his ENTIRE year. he's smart & uses that intelligence not to justify, but to explain & humourously debunk the whole notion of "top-ten."

it makes me happy to work with people who use words like "sociopathy," "fetishization," and have fun calling THE HOURS as the "worst" film of the year - for good reason. as soon as this man & his silly friends have their website up, i'm linking. ooh baby, am i linking.


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