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yikes. i was blotto yesterday. i even did that maintaining thing for HOURS and HOURS. wow. hence, feeling a little rough around the edges today... all i really wanted for breakfast was a mcdonalds sausage egg & cheese and i got there FOUR MINUTES LATE so instead i had a bagel from somewhere else, which was vaguely dissatisfying.

today i discovered that the T-mobile wireless networks in star*&$#@ all over the city require money for access. i don't know why, but for some reason i thought they'd do promotional free access for at least a while, instead of charging from the get-go... so all you can see is this terrible coffee-coloured website w/ catherine zeta-jones and ridiculous rates for wireless...it redirects you every time you try to go somewhere else. vomir. every once in a while, pure capitalism disgusts me. specifically when i'm trying to get something for free and can't. heh.


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