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sitting in my sisters' fabulous studio in the west village, drinking red wine and thinking about my day. this is an important thing to do, i think - to muse regarding the passage of time, what you have [& haven't] accomplished in the last few hours... especially on a rainy day like today when leaving any space is just, well, not high on the list of priorities.

first day went well. i like that i get along easily with people as long as i don't try too hard - it becomes a study in dorkiness & it's general amiability... i spent many many years trying desperately to "fit in" and be "cool" in the classic sense, which of course people generally saw as the act it was & derided me accordingly... now that i live in a neighborhood where everyone is a study in hipness, in a city where things are decidely interesting and calculatedly "cutting-edge," i am determined to do nothing beyond embracing my own ridiculousness. rather than caring about what people think when i leave my house in the morning, i know there is no way in hell i can compete with these people so i just don't give a shit.

so - tangent over - i had a good time & went over well with all three other people in the office - yay. first impressions are critical for building long-term & lasting relationships, no matter how many second chances you get.

time to go eat sushi. god bless new york and the proximity of restaurants of 10 different ethnicities to any location...


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